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Energy Efficient Data Centers

Liquid Cooling: Creating an Energy Efficient Data Center

Cooling accounts for almost half of the energy needs in a Data Center. In addition, many Data Centers are increasingly focused on high density computing to deal with increased workloads from modern applications like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Bitcoin Mining. This increased…

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Drew Latimer of Schneider Electric presented a very informative webinar called Power System Performance: Digitization and Actionable Insights. He addressed power management trends, electrical distribution components, capacity management, and data points. The webinar also included a discussion about how critical facilities owners and operators can…

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Huge Gains in Efficiency for Data Centers, According to New Report

Last week, a study released by Northwestern University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Koomey Analytics noted that, despite a six-fold increase in compute, the Data Center industry’s power demands rose just six percent. There’s no doubt as to what has contributed to this welcome news:…

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