Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, CA


The site of the new Modular DC was an existing school district complex with multiple grade level schools and the district’s facilities and maintenance department. DSI and HP evaluated the site and determined that the new data center required a new electrical transformer and site utilities. Following the successful implementation of the Modular DC, the school district was secure in the knowledge that they now had a robust data center facility that would support the school district, even in the face of a disaster. DSI and HP allayed the school district’s major concerns over the safety of students, parents, and staff during the construction by creating additional safety procedures specific to the project.

DSI Solves Data Center Disaster Recovery Dilemma for Second Largest Public School District in the US

The second largest school district in the nation, enrolling more than 640,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, at over 900 schools, and 187 public charter schools, reached out to Data Specialties Inc. for help with their data center reliability. The School District’s boundaries spread over 720 square miles and include a mega-city as well as all or parts of 31 smaller municipalities plus several unincorporated sections of Southern California.

THE CHALLENGE: Keeping Data Center Running in the Event of a Disaster

Natural and man-made disasters are no strangers to the Southern California region, which is why the school district depends on having a robust and reliable data center. They recognized that its existing data center was not up to task, and that they needed a new center to meet the disaster recovery needs of the school district.

THE SOLUTION: Modular Data Center offers Reliable Disaster Recovery

The school district turned to DSI and Hewlett-Packard (HP) to design and build a new Modular Data Center. The Modular DC offered them a reliable disaster recovery data center that can support vital school district services during an emergency or natural disaster.

The Modular DC design consisted of:

  • HP high density EcoPOD 240a, supporting 44 industry server racks and redundant direct expansion cooling systems
  • Redundant IT and AC connections from Powerhouse to the HP EcoPOD 240a
  • 2250 kilowatt backup generator with 11,000 gallon fuel tank
  • GE Powerhouse with two 750kVA UPS systems paralleled with redundant battery strings, power distribution and electrical switchgear

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