Our Approach to Your Project

At DSI, our mission is to develop a data center solution that meets your precise performance and budget needs. Our proven project methodology has been refined based on countless successful implementations. DSI’s strong commitment to integrity is reflected in every data center project we undertake.

Develop and Validate a Statement of Requirements (SOR) – We work closely with your team to fully understand the physical requirements of your new data center. We consider critical factors such as architectural requirements, power and cooling capacities, mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems.

Create Basis-of-Design Drawings (BOD) – Our design experts develop preliminary drawings that include a data center floor plan and schematic designs.

Rough Order-of-Magnitude Construction Costs (ROM) – We develop an estimate of construction costs and create an installation schedule based on our in-depth conceptual design.

Progress Drawings – Working from the finalized SOR, we create comprehensive design drawings for your new data center facility (70% of project completed)

Construction Pricing – We provide a firm, fixed price for all construction costs required to achieve a successful outcome.

Complete Design – Final design work is completed (100%).

Launch Construction Effort – Our highly experienced team executes the construction plan, keeping the project on time and on budget.

From beginning to end, our methodology is designed to ensure a successful data center that supports your needs today and well into the future.

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