Rapid Response

Corona, CA


Rapid Response depends on the availability of its technology in order to perform critical services for their customers. Their Data Center is a showcase that allows them to tour prospective clients through the site to effectively reinforce the quality of services they provide. DSI’s participation on this project is an example of how a Partnership with a client and their team can be coordinated to create a Data Center that exceeds expectations in quality and reliability.

DSI Solves Space Challenges for Company Building a California Presence

Rapid Response is an East Coast-based company that wanted to create a West Coast presence in California. They had a prior relationship with APC who had helped Rapid Response with their Syracuse, NY Data Center. They therefore contacted LDP, the local APC representative, to provide a solution for their newest Data Center.


The client was working with an Architect and a General Contractor when Data Specialties Inc. was introduced to the project team by LDP. Originally, the plan was to build the Data Center on the 3rd floor of their new building. During the design phase, however, it was determined that the existing floor did not have the capacity to support all of the weight of the Data Center equipment. DSI worked with Rapid Response and the design team to create options for either structural modifications to the 3rd floor or to locate the UPS and Batteries on the ground floor. Through DSI’s design assistance, the Data Center was redesigned with the UPS units on the first floor. The client was therefore able to avoid any significant structural modification to the building.

This project also required DSI to perform the Data Center Design and Build Services while working closely with Rapid Response’s General Contractor. DSI was able to coordinate the Data Center work, along with the Tenant Improvement Project, as one well-coordinated team. This level of cooperation demonstrated DSI’s capabilities of working under various conditions and constructing a project on time and on budget.


The Data Center has many redundant features that allows Rapid Response to perform maintenance or to be able to continue to operate, should a single system fail. The Data Center includes the following:

  • Redundant Generators
  • Dual A/B UPS Systems
  • Redundant Electrical Distribution
  • In-Row Cooling
  • Pre-Action and Fire Suppression System
  • High speed CAT6-E and Fiber Cabling