Irell & Manella

Los Angeles, CA


Irell & Manella was able to address its unique air conditioning challenge with an innovative solution that was designed and built in a remarkably short timeframe. No interim solution was necessary, and the result was a data center that is prepared to support their IT requirements going forward. DSI continues to work with Irell & Manella to ensure that their facility can reliably support their operations.

DSI works with leading Intellectual Property law firm to solve a challenging HVAC situation in a very short time.

Irell & Manella, a large law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, turned to Data Specialties Inc. to design and build a new data center to meet its current and future IT requirements.

The Challenge: Time Frame and Unreliable Building Chilled Water Plant

Irell & Manella (I&M) needed to vacate their existing data center located on the 10th floor to make room for a new tenant. They were given five months to vacate the space and to build a new data center on a lower floor. The primary challenge was equipment lead times. The secondary challenge was the building’s unreliable chilled water plant. DSI worked closely with the customer, equipment manufacturers, and building engineers to design a redundant air conditioning solution in the event the chilled water plant failed to produce adequate water temperature. After engineering was completed- and building permits obtained, construction started immediately.

The Solution:

DSI, utilizing its expert mechanical team, designed a cooling solution with a combination of redundant chilled water and water-cooled In-Row air conditioners. When the chilled water plant is operating under normal conditions (45 to 50 degrees) the chilled water In-Row air conditioners cool the IT load. Through a control system, when the chiller plant is not providing chilled water (56 degrees or higher), such as in the evenings, weekends, or in the event of failure, the water-cooled In-Row air conditioners cool the IT load.

The new data center was designed, commissioned and turned over to I&M within the five-month time frame.

The data center design consisted of the following:

  • 40kW N+1 UPS
  • Redundant power distribution to the IT load
  • Redundant In-Row chilled water air conditioners
  • Redundant In-Row water-cooled air conditioners
  • Hot Aisle Containment System
  • Fire and Life Safety system, which included Pre-Action sprinklers, NOVEC-123- Gas and VESDA air sampling systems
  • Infrastructure Monitoring System

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