Osage Casino



The Modular DC solution was selected due to our ability to manufacture a product that met the IT department requirements, including the project schedule, scalability, load density, flexibility and the total number of rack spaces. The Modular DC allowed the new Hotel/Casino project to begin, while Osage Casino was provided with a portable Data Center that could be relocated in the future, if necessary.

Modular Data Center

Data Specialties Inc., as a partner with IBM, designed, built and installed an energy-efficient Modular Data Center from start to finish in just over 4 months.


Osage Casino required a new Data Center to support their casino operations and other departments including surveillance, Information Technology department and Osage Nation. The existing Data Center was located in a facility that was scheduled to be demolished to make room for a new Hotel/Casino. The Data Center needed to be relocated quickly so the new project could move forward.


Osage decided that a Modular Data Center facility would meet their fast track schedule and was more flexible than construction of a new facility by allowing them to relocate it in the future.

The IBM proposal was selected due to our ability to manufacture a product that met the IT department requirements. Competing products were “standardized designs” and not capable of being customized to meet Osage Casino’s requirements.

The proposed module was a double wide unit complete with:

  • N+1 UPS System
  • DX In Row Cooling Units
  • (30) IT Equipment Racks
  • Cold Aisle Containment System
  • Standby Generator
  • Gas Fire Suppression System
  • VESDA Smoke Detection System
  • Facility Monitoring System