UPS Replacement Experts

When it comes time to replace your UPS systems, it is critical that you select a vendor with the experience to handle the job properly. DSI designs and installs UPS units by all of the leading UPS manufacturers. Understanding the critical nature of the load supported by the UPS system is essential to successfully replacing your UPS. DSI will work with your team to ensure that your UPS replacement project goes smoothly.

Reasons for replacing UPS Systems

  • Manufacturers that no longer carry spare parts for the UPS
  • Component failures
  • Improved efficiencies that are realized by installing a new generation UPS system
  • UPS systems that are undersized for increased critical load
  • Greater redundancy by implementing dual A/B UPS power

Regardless of how large or small your UPS systems are, this equipment supports your most critical IT Systems. Once your UPS has reached the end-of-life cycle, it is important to create a strategy that enables the new UPS to be installed while minimizing the effect it will have on your Data Center operations. DSI performs successful UPS replacement units for clients that want their job to be handled with a high-level of professionalism.

DSI’s UPS Replacement project approach

  • Perform of site survey
  • Meet with Key Staff to discuss future growth or consolidation plans
  • Access current UPS installation infrastructure
  • Define load on UPS system
  • Determine location of new UPS equipment
  • Develop an installation strategy
  • Prepare a detailed proposal that includes:
    • Description of services
    • Project Schedule
    • Pricing
    • Battery options

Once the UPS has been replaced, DSI will propose a Maintenance Strategy that will enable the new UPS system to perform at its highest level. By regularly maintaining your UPS and Battery System with certified technicians, unplanned outages and premature equipment failures can be avoided.

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