Preventative Maintenance

We Keep Your Data Center Up and Humming

At Data Specialties Inc., we stand behind our data center design and construction. We know your business requires uninterrupted operations, which is why we provide preventative maintenance you can rely on. Even if we didn’t build your center, we can help to keep your mission critical functions up and humming. Our unwavering commitment to integrity is reflected in how we approach your data center service and maintenance.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our extensive data center expertise allows us to match your business needs with the best service and maintenance in the industry. We have partnerships with all of the leading data center equipment vendors, so we are intimately familiar with your systems.  And we work closely with your facilities team to preserve your equipment and ensure you get the full value for your data center investment.

Working with DSI is easy. We provide a single point of contact for all the service and maintenance needs of your facility.

Our best-in-class Service and Maintenance helps you:

  • Ensure your UPS/battery is functioning properly
  • Assure the integrity of your air-conditioning system
  • Certify the reliability of your fire suppression system
  • Test the dependability of your stand-by generator
  • Keep your system environment spotless with our data center cleaning services
  • 24-hour emergency response

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