Smart-Grid-Ready UPS Uses Renewable Energy for Data Centers

New smart-grid-ready UPS’s can aid Data Center operators toward achieving sustainability goals. In turn, this will increase revenue and decrease energy costs. This battery backup technology will help power grids move toward renewable energy.

This technology will allow Data Centers to operate more efficiently without wasting energy. Now, Data Center operators can use stored energy in their UPS batteries to provide energy to the grid, said Moises Levy, principal analyst with Omdia’s Cloud and Data Center research practice.

The UPS is built with lithium-ion based batteries called battery energy storage systems. Data Centers can also replace diesel generators and use the UPS batteries to power their Data Centers during power outages.

The market for smart-grid-ready UPS’s is developing. Companies such as Eaton, Schneider Electric, Riello and Vertiv are launching new models of UPS’s.

This modern technology will better manage energy usage in the Data Center industry and stabilize electrical grids. The two goals are: supply energy when the grid needs it, and maintain the electrical frequency of power systems. This will also generate new revenue for Data Center operators. Hyperscalers and cloud service providers are the leading vendors in charge of distribution smart-grid-ready UPS’s and energy storage solutions.

The effect of this technology will help cloud giants like Google and Microsoft in their mission to power their facilities across the world with 100% carbon-free energy by 2030.

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