Rapid Tech Sector Growth in Phoenix is Favorable for the Data Center Industry

In the past 10 years, Phoenix, AZ has seen a 30% increase in jobs in the technology industry. This is almost 10% greater than the national average. Why are software companies seeing such rapid growth, especially now? There are actually a few reasons that Phoenix is becoming a national hub for tech, including the COVID-19 impact and career-centered computer science education.

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for technology and software in Phoenix, which is not the case for most other sectors of business in America. Many employees continue to work remotely despite the growing vaccination rate and may decide to do so permanently. This means the remote workforce needs proper tools to be able to contribute effectively from their homes. Communication systems like video conferencing and chat applications are necessary for workflow, as well as project management software. Companies that can provide up-to-date software to help streamline these processes are doing well for themselves. There is also a need for faster data speeds due to the virtual work environments, so Data Centers are growing in demand as well. For companies with offices in and around Phoenix, as well as throughout Arizona, Data Specialties Inc. is well-equipped to help build or expand their Data Center to meet these demands.

To facilitate these pressing needs for communication and workflow software, there need to be rapid technological advancements. Companies are responding to customers’ feedback by putting money and time into research to help better the new tools we use to work virtually. This fuels the tech industry’s economic growth and opens up more job opportunities for those in and around the Phoenix area.

Something else that is helping to facilitate the growth of the tech industry in Phoenix is the fact that the Arizona city offers many computer science-oriented education programs. Phoenix has over 15 colleges and universities that offer information technology degrees. This is providing the area with fresh graduates to meet the market demand and fill job spots.

DSI is not new to the Phoenix technology hub. With a ten year presence in Arizona, we are well-positioned to meet the mission critical needs of this technology boom. We have already performed a great deal of work in the Phoenix area.  Projects that include providing a major trucking firm with a reliable Data Center ready to handle growth, as well as a new Data Center for a major insurance group. Both projects improved customer experience and prevented any technology failures within the companies. These Data Centers are state-of-the-art, with energy-efficient cooling systems. As the technology industry in Phoenix expands, DSI will continue to meet the needs of our existing and new customers.