Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month!

This August, DSI (Data Specialties Inc.) will attend the second annual Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month, hosted by GRC (Green Revolution Cooling).

In today’s demanding industry environment, Data Centers are under pressure from various stakeholders to find an effective and efficient way to reduce energy consumption while enabling high-density deployments within budget limitations. Liquid immersion cooling technology is the solution we seek.

Industry thought leaders, end users, server manufacturers, analysts, and others will increase awareness of immersion cooling technology and educate the industry on its advantages over air-cooling within Data Centers.

We believe this program is a great opportunity for Data Center operators to discover the latest in Data Center cooling and the competitive efficiency benefits of deploying liquid immersion cooling technology.

The lineup is as follows:

Week 1Data Center Sustainability is a Team Sport

The attendees will hear from the leading processor manufacturer, sustainability-focused NGOs, a global provider of heat transfer solutions, a premier data center design group, and the leading authority on liquid immersion cooling, and learn about how Data Center operators can achieve organizational goals while contributing to Data Center sustainability.

Week 2Strengthening the Data Center Ecosystem

From this session, you will discover how GRC and Dell are partnering on comprehensive solutions that help operators transition their Data Centers to environmentally-friendly liquid immersion cooling solutions, dramatically reducing power and water use while also vastly increasing density, scalability and efficiency.

Week 3From the Ground Up – Greenfield Data Centers and Immersion Cooling

This session will show how starting anew with immersion cooling streamlines the design build process, slashes CapEx & OpEx, simplifies operations, and delivers enviable sustainability metrics.

Week 4 Building Better Over Time – Transitioning to Immersion Cooling

Are you considering transforming your Data Center into a more efficient and sustainable facility with liquid immersion cooling? This session will teach you how to plan for a transition, align it with purchase cycle, avoid operational disruptions, and more—all while also future proofing for tomorrow.

Week 5 A Pathway to More Profitable and Sustainable Digital Asset Mining

Join HTS Director of Finance Ryan Skene and other authorities on the subject and hear about their experience and suggestions for building more efficient and sustainable operations in the digital asset mining market. They’ll also review illustrations of financial models that enable maximum profits.

 Check out the links for more details and register to join us!