Fuel Efficiency in the Data Center Industry Is Not Just a Fad

The world is advancing exponentially in the digital space. We need to be able to keep up with increasing demands whilst also keeping the planet green.

Data Centers are popping up all over the world, which is great news for our industry. However, as we know, these facilities are not always fuel efficient and thus can have steep detrimental effects on the environment. Reports show that Data Centers across the world consume more than 1% (or 205 TWh) of global energy each year. This is comparable to the amount of energy consumed by the worldwide commercial airline industry.

There is hope for the Data Center industry’s fuel efficiency, though. Companies like Equinix are beginning to turn to renewable energy sources to run the buildings. Equinix’s latest data center, SV11, opens on June 30th with Bloom Energy renewable fuel cells as their primary source of power. Equinix is hoping for LEED certification, which is what the officials at DSI are accredited with.

Data Centers like SV11 are “strong economic multipliers,” according to Equinix’s John Lin. The digital economy in Silicon Valley is uplifted by the public infrastructure improvements brought by Equinix’s Data Center construction. DSI continues those efforts in Southern California, at their headquarters in Buena Park.

As the digital world continues to grow at a rapid rate, the Data Center industry needs to be able to keep up in a sustainable way. We continue to see more and more companies taking advantage of DSI’s energy retrofits, ensuring they’re not only energy efficient, but are also having a positive effect on the bottom line.  As we mentioned in an earlier blog discussing corporate social responsibility and Data Centers, going green is one of the key concerns for the Data Center industry. We all have to play our part in keeping the world healthy and safe for future generations.

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