Data Center operators are looking to reduce or eliminate onsite diesel generators. But what will take their place?

On November 4th, Data Center Frontier and Schneider Electric explored how microgrids can provide sustainable onsite power for Data Centers. Microgrids are proven technology that gives Data Centers the ability to generate their own renewable and sustainable power onsite. They also allow Data Centers to operate independently of the grid during outages and times of crisis. While other facilities such as military bases, hospitals, and...

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Data Centers Using Green Power

This week, Microsoft announced that it will open three Swedish data hubs using only green power. While the energy crisis is costing Microsoft “hundreds of millions of dollars within the year,” the shift to renewables is helping to offset soaring gas prices, said Microsoft’s Noelle Walsh. It’s also the key to meeting the company’s target of becoming carbon negative by 2030. The focus on conserving energy...

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