Happy Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month!

Join GRC, Dell, Intel, Vertiv and Mission Critical magazine for a look at this important technology

This August will hold the first annual Data Center Liquid Cooling Awareness month, designated by Green Revolution Cooling (GRC). With the summertime heat causing Data Center managers to increase efforts to keep their operations cool, GRC wanted to dedicate a whole month to these efforts. GRC, along with Dell, Intel, Vertiv and Mission Critical magazine, will help educate the Data Center community by providing educational sessions for end-users and other Data Center stakeholders.  Discussions will include the efficiency benefits, as well as the reduction in CapEx and OpEx, of deploying liquid immersion cooling.

The technology of liquid immersion cooling has many advantages over air-cooled facilities. While air cooling is trusted and has been around for decades, it is becoming less desirable for Data Center manufacturers for environmental as well as economic reasons. Liquid immersion cooling, on the other hand, has a much smaller carbon footprint and can save Data Centers a lot of money. Implementing immersion cooling at any phase of a Data Center’s lifecycle will allow operators to minimize both CapEx and OpEx, enable high-density deployments, and significantly reduce energy consumption.

Thanks to GRC’s efforts, along with many other progressive companies, the global immersion cooling market size is anticipated to reach USD 458.4 million by 2028. Rising demand for environmentally-friendly Data Center infrastructure, along with the increased consumption of power by other cooling systems, is likely to boost the demand for immersion cooling systems over that projected time period.

Upcoming Educational Sessions:

  • 8/10: GRC/Vertiv: Key Design & Implementation Considerations for an Immersion Cooled Data Center: Registration Link
  • 8/17: GRC/Dell: A Look at Immersion Cooling Case Studies and Where the Technology is Headed: Registration Link

You can keep up-to-date on additional sessions and guest blogs by visiting: Visit GRC