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Edge Data Center

Data Center Agility

The Data Center world is changing—enterprises are closing down their traditional Data Centers, while also moving workloads off the public cloud. That means Data Center owners and operators are having to seriously rethink their strategies to best use their resources. Last month our President, Phil…

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COVID-19 Takes Data Center Mainstream

Earlier this week, a piece in a legal journal caught our eye, as it builds on a trend we have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: Data Centers are continuing to get more attention from mainstream sources and, despite the current economic situation, it further illustrates…

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Doing Science at The Edge

Serious science requires serious Data Center Infrastructure. When William Graves, a researcher and associate professor of physics at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University (ASU), wanted to build the world’s first free electron laser, and received a National Science Foundation grant to support the…

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Have You Signed Up for Our Newsletter?

Last week, we released the January edition of DSI’s Data Center Digest. Our newsletter covers news about DSI, as well as what’s currently going on in the Data Center industry.  For example, the most recent newsletter has information regarding the robust growth expected for the…

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All Signs Point to Robust Data Center Activity in 2020

As we approach the end of January, all signs indicate strong Data Center growth for 2020 and beyond.  With numerous reports from analyst firms and recent announcements from global Data Center operators, the evidence validates what DSI has been predicting over the last year: strong…

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Research Highlights Real World Use of Edge Data Centers for the Delivery of Business Services

Earlier this week, RF Code released Edge Data Center Research that they commissioned. The research, conducted by a third party, set out to explore the adoption of Edge and how it will help drive business operations and customer experience.  RF Code highlights two sectors that…

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