What 5G and IoT Mean for the Future of the Data Center Industry

Last week, 7×24 Exchange – Southern California held its Summer 2021 virtual meeting. Attendees were treated to a fantastic presentation from Ricky Singh, Sr. Director Product Management at T-Mobile for Business, that covered 5G and IoT and the implications for the Data Center.

 When smartphones first came out, the wireless mobile telecommunications technology they used was called 3G. This third generation only facilitated basic messaging and data applications prompted by the smartphone. We have come a long way since then. After 3G came 4G, launched in the US in 2010. It enabled exponential growth of data-hungry streaming apps, social networks, and on-demand services. The most recent generation of this technology arrived in 2019. The 5G network accelerates the convergence of data, cloud, and compute, fueling digital transformation across industries.

5G doesn’t just allow for faster streaming on-demand. Its possible use cases include massive broadband and machine communication, as well as critical communication. It also opens up avenues for next-generation technologies like AI, autonomous vehicles, and virtual reality. 5G is around 100 times faster than the 4G network we used previously. The possibilities with this new technology have the potential to change the way we communicate and interact with each other to share data.

This advancement is vital to the Data Center industry. Data can be moved between locations much easier and at a faster rate. Data Centers can use 5G and IoT for fixed wireless for primary and secondary connectivity, as well as video analytics, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and power management.

To prepare for 5G, new Data Centers must be constructed. Distributed Data Centers are critical in the 5G era. They provide high availability, low latency and low jitter needed for IoT applications. This will move the network, data and analytics all closer to the customer. We have developed futuristic technology to adhere to the increasing demands of the consumer. The Data Center industry needs to be prepared to adapt to the exponential growth of data being consumed in our modern world.