Happy International Data Center Day

Happy International Data Center Day! This day is designed to create awareness of the Data Center industry and is meant to inspire the next generation of talent.

Spearheaded by 7X24 Exchange International, International Data Center Day is on a mission to provide the industry with opportunities to connect to the world in a deeper way. Raising awareness about International Data Center Day creates a steady flow of skilled labor, enhances the public image and the public’s perception of Data Centers and ensures future prosperity and success of the Data Center industry. The objective of International Data Center Day is to provide educational resources for the public on Data Centers and how they operate. It also highlights the Data Center industry and how it affects our daily lives.

There are many ways to get involved in this celebration of Data Centers such as hosting an event, providing educational resources and sponsorships.

The 2022 Signature Sponsors of International Data Center Day are Kohler, Netrality Data Centers and Cummins Inc. Power Generation. Additionally, supporting sponsors include CBRE Data Center Solutions, Databank and DirectLine. Lastly, thank you to the industry partners Data Center Dynamics, 7×24 Exchange Int’l, Infrastructure Masons and Uptime Institute .

Data Specialties Inc. is excited to participate in International Data Center Day, and we will continue to educate the industry on Data Center best practices, as well as keeping the industry abreast of the rapid changes in the modular and edge categories. Show your support on social media by using the tag #intldatacenterday.

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