Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Putting Industry Expertise to Work for You

When it comes to the highly complex world of data center design and construction, your organization can only benefit when the smartest, most accomplished minds in the industry partner to tackle your project. That’s what DSI and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Center Facilities Consulting Services have done. We’ve brought years of experience in the design, project management and construction of leading-edge data centers together to offer you unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Tailoring the Right Solution to Meet Your Needs

DSI and HPE Data Center Facilities Consulting Services thoroughly assess your needs in order to tailor the right solution for your IT and business requirements. We deliver world-class data center design, engineering and construction, including HPE’s industry-leading EcoPOD 240a Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC). Whether you need a new or retrofit data center, we can help you with the planning, design and implementation of an infrastructure that offers the flexibility of dynamic capacity and multi-tiering to meet your business needs. Our unique partnership allows you to scale and change your data center dynamically as your business needs change – all without the constraints of legacy facilities and steep capital expenses.

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