Data Centers Rebounding Post-Pandemic

With pandemic-fueled increases in online work, education and entertainment, Data Centers of all types have proven their worth time and again in the last many months. These critical facilities have met the challenges of new workloads and changes in how they provide services.  They have also continued to deliver vital connectivity and storage while in many cases facing reduced budgets and staffing restrictions. Next year, however, Gartner has predicted a significant rebound, with infrastructure spending expected to grow 6% globally next year.

Because of the tightening of all resources, including cash, spending for Enterprise Data Centers has stalled this year, declining by 10%. Any good news on the spending front in 2020 has been shored up by public cloud and hyperscale investments to meet evolving demands. For most Enterprise facilities, the priority this year has basically been to keep the lights on. By 2021, these Data Centers are expected to have the cash to resume growth and expansion, thereby boosting the market.

At DSI, we are here to help you plan that strategy for 2021 and beyond. We can: assess your existing infrastructure and help guide future investments; design and build Modular Data Centers to help you deal with fluctuating demand or strengthen your presence on the Edge; and we can provide assessments and upgrades of your critical infrastructure—including fire protection systems, electrical systems and energy services. Get in touch today, so we can help set you up for success and growth in 2021!  Contact DSI