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Power Quality

DSI Releases Fall Newsletter

Today, we released our Fall Newsletter with a special focus on some of the natural disasters that threaten the seamless operation of Data Centers throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.  You can read about the ways we’re helping customers ensure their backup power is ready…

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With Record Wildfires on the West Coast, DSI Renews Its Commitment to Data Center Uptime and Power Readiness

Yesterday, DSI announced its commitment to ensuring the Data Center ecosystem with uptime and power readiness.  With the record number of wildfires throughout the State of California and the Pacific Northwest, DSI is once again renewing its commitment to data uptime through our Power Check-Up…

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California Power Emergency: Protecting Your Data Center

Because Data Centers rely on a continuous uninterrupted electrical power supply to function, the current heat emergency in California presents a significant risk for Data Center owners and managers. With temperatures in some parts of the state expected to reach, and stay at, triple digits…

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July Newsletter Released

Earlier this week, we released our July newsletter. The newsletter summarizes what DSI has been up to over the last few months and offers tips you can implement at your own facilities. While the spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we work, it has…

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How is Your Data Center’s Electrical System and Backup Capabilities?

During these unprecedented times of social distancing and remote work, it’s imperative that your Data Center’s power and backup capabilities are in full working order. DSI’s Power Checkup Service enables Data Center owner/operators to get a comprehensive Assessment of their electrical system and backup capabilities. DSI’s…

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Facility Executive Covers DSI’s Electrical Assessment Service

Earlier this week, DSI released its Power Checkup Service, enabling Data Center owner/operators to get a comprehensive assessment of their electrical system and backup capabilities. The new service was prompted by PG&E’s decision to selectively turn off power to help reduce the start and spread…

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