With Record Wildfires on the West Coast, DSI Renews Its Commitment to Data Center Uptime and Power Readiness

Yesterday, DSI announced its commitment to ensuring the Data Center ecosystem with uptime and power readiness.  With the record number of wildfires throughout the State of California and the Pacific Northwest, DSI is once again renewing its commitment to data uptime through our Power Check-Up Service.  You can read more about yesterday’s news in Mission Critical Magazine.

Between the threat of wildfires, as well as the planned power outages from various utilities, it’s imperative that a Data Center’s power back-up is ready and working at a moment’s notice. Additionally, with the move to increased telework and distance learning, Data Centers are helping carry us through the pandemic as we continue to navigate through the ‘New Normal.’

DSI’s Power Check-Up Service is designed to gather information through a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system and to identify critical electrical loads requiring protection as well as the equipment you need to protect your Data Center and your business. In addition to an assessment and analysis, DSI offers implementation of updated power and backup supply services for Data Centers of all sizes to be ready to deal with this wildfire emergency.

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