Reasons Behind Data Center Outages are Changing

According to a recent report from the Uptime Institute, power issues are less likely to cause a major IT service outage, while IT configuration and network problems are becoming more common.

The organization’s third Annual Outage Analysis points out that while numerous improvements have been made with technology and availability, outages remain a major concern throughout the Data Center ecosystem.

Additionally, the report highlights that the cost of outages continues to grow with more than half of respondents reporting an estimated cost of more than $100,000.

Some of the other report highlights:

  • 44% of Data Center operators think that concern about resiliency of Data Center/Mission-Critical IT has increased in the past twelve months.
  • Serious and severe outages are less common – investments are necessary.
  • More than half of all organizations using a third-party data service have experienced a moderate or serious IT service outage in the last three years that was caused by the provider.
  • Networking and configuration issues are emerging as two of the more common causes of service degradation.

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