Crisis highlights the essentialness of digital infrastructure

COVID-19 Takes Data Center Mainstream

Earlier this week, a piece in a legal journal caught our eye, as it builds on a trend we have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: Data Centers are continuing to get more attention from mainstream sources and, despite the current economic situation, it further illustrates the growth that Data Centers will see this year or, as we referred to it in an earlier blog, “The Data Center Boom of 2020.”

The byline in, authored by two attorneys, discusses how Data Centers are a resilient asset class that can no longer be ignored by traditional real estate investors and lenders.   While Michael Rechin and Michael Merar spend a lot of time discussing the different types of Data Centers and customers, there is some important analysis from a legal and investment point of view that should not be ignored. The mainstream analysis highlights the essential role Data Centers play for the day-to-day personal and professional business of individuals, as we all try to ‘flatten the curve.’ Additionally, when we emerge from this crisis, many are predicting that we will see companies from all sectors relaxing work from home policies, necessitating the need for increased investments in legacy Data Centers, new builds, as well as edge computing and Modular Data Centers.

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