Growth driven by traditional and edge data center development

All Signs Point to Robust Data Center Activity in 2020

As we approach the end of January, all signs indicate strong Data Center growth for 2020 and beyond.  With numerous reports from analyst firms and recent announcements from global Data Center operators, the evidence validates what DSI has been predicting over the last year: strong activity in both traditional Data Center build-outs, as well as Edge and Modular deployments, with no sign of a slowdown.

Late last year brought us Gartner’s prediction that IT spending will increase nearly 4% in 2020.  According to that report, organizations with a high percentage of IT spending will become the recognized digital leaders in the future.

Additionally, just yesterday Intel reported stronger than expected Q4 earnings that were driven by strong growth in its Data Center business. On top of that, its growth forecast for 2020 reflects very strong demand for their Data Center products led by global cloud providers.

The growth goes beyond traditional Data Center development. Just this week, Edge computing start-up Vapor IO announced $90 million in new funding to build out its nationwide Kinetic Edge platform.

Based on these strong forecasts, as well as demand from our customer base, DSI is looking forward to a very busy year for the Data Center sector, both traditional and Edge.


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