Drew Latimer of Schneider Electric presented a very informative webinar called Power System Performance: Digitization and Actionable Insights. He addressed power management trends, electrical distribution components, capacity management, and data points. The webinar also included a discussion about how critical facilities owners and operators can collect and analyze power system performance data to improve efficiency and operations. As the digital economy grows, so do the needs for power and power management.

The future of power and the digital economy:
• The digital economy demands 100% uptime
• By 2025, there will be twice as many connected devices than people
• By 2040, 70% of new energy production capacity will be renewable

What is Power Management?
Power management refers to the operation and maintenance of electrical distribution infrastructure to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of power throughout a facility. Effectively managing power requires intelligent energy and power devices connected to software that enable data collection, visualization, analysis and reporting.

Power management systems are designed to do four things:
• Protect people and assets, by avoiding fires and shocks and enabling safe recovery from outages
• Optimize business continuity, by avoiding unplanned outages and increasing electrical assets and system reliability
• Maximize lifecycle efficiency, by reducing spending on energy and optimizing maintenance
• Simplify regulatory management, to maintain compliance obligations and demonstrate commitment to sustainability

Power management systems are purpose-built and specifically designed to help facility managers operate and maintain their electrical distribution in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

For more information on how DSI can help with Power System Performance concerns: Electrical Systems Assessment