Data Center Agility

Data Center Agility

The Data Center world is changing—enterprises are closing down their traditional Data Centers, while also moving workloads off the public cloud. That means Data Center owners and operators are having to seriously rethink their strategies to best use their resources. Last month our President, Phil Rafferty, provided some insight on Data Center configuration best practices for IT Toolbox. Phil was joined by experts from Cisco and Deloitte Consulting.

Among the best practices for configuring Data Centers is to adopt scalable, modular infrastructure. Since it is ever more difficult to know what IT will look like three to four years from now, it’s critical to design an agile system. A modular approach avoids the expense and hassle of over-building, and gives you the option to scale up as IT loads increase.

Future proofing your Data Center requires thinking ahead to anticipate future needs. With the rapidly changing IT environment, one way to be ready is with a modular, agile system.

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