The Advantage of Geo Diversity in Data Center Location

The number of users consuming huge amounts of data online every day is almost inconceivable to imagine. And this demand for data is only growing. We have Data Centers to thank for allowing the incredible amount of interactions that are made online daily. Data Centers provide faster internet speeds and facilitate human connections across the globe. However, when a Data Center is not in an ideal location for a business, it can impact their internet connectivity, and thus the operations needed to be completed each day.

Venyu has come out with a new White Paper detailing the importance of businesses favoring geo-diversity for Data Centers. One of the main reasons this is so imperative to companies is because so many people work from home now due to the COVD-19 pandemic and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Data Centers need to be more spread out to include those in residential areas as well as metropolitan areas.

A geo-diverse strategy can only benefit a company. It will shorten the distance that the data travels, and accordingly, the time it takes the data to reach its destination. We all know that the smallest change in data speeds can affect the biggest things in a company. According to an Akami Technology study cited in the report, “a delay as small as 100 milliseconds can plummet e-commerce conversion rates by as much as seven percent.”

Data Specialties Inc. is well-equipped to help companies reap the benefits of geo-diversity through both modular deployments and traditional Data Center builds.