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DSI launches electrical assessment service

Surviving The PG&E Power Outages

Surviving the PG&E Power Outages

Over the last few weeks, California has been ravaged by wildfires, and PG&E has stuck to its promise to selectively shut off power to help reduce the start and spread of wildfires.

For the mission critical industry, this revelation is troubling. In fact, just last week it was reported that the NERSC’s Cori supercomputer shut down due to PG&E’s power cut. “The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center is part of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which is also proactively shutting down its systems, research labs, and on-site server rooms.” Given this development, it’s imperative that critical facilities such as Data Centers have the proper uninterruptible power equipment to handle their energy loads. It’s also important for the agricultural industry whose operations can be severely compromised by an untimely outage.

It’s said that an hour of Data Center downtime on average can cost a provider $260,000. While that’s a large number, it does not take into account the often-immeasurable costs to the company’s reputation and credibility with customers, as well as the industry as a whole. And for the agricultural industry, an unplanned outage can wipe out an entire season’s worth of work.

Don’t be left in the dark! To help companies deal with this pressing issue, DSI has launched its Critical Power Check Up Service.

Through this new service, DSI’s team of electrical experts will provide:

• A comprehensive assessment of your electrical system
• Help determine which electrical loads must be protected
• Determine what level of investment is best for your organization
• Implementation

As wildfires continue to spread throughout California, and as PG&E attempts to sort out its own challenges, take the time to think about the integrity of your electrical system.

To learn more about DSI’s services, please visit DSI’s Complete List of Power Services.

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