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Phil Rafferty’s Thought Leadership Piece Featured at Data Center Dynamics

Earlier this week, Phil Rafferty’s piece Edge Computing and Modular Data Centers: A Marriage Made in Heaven was published at Data Center Dynamics. In the piece, Phil draws on DSI’s years of experience in designing and building modular data center deployments to highlight why edge and modular are the perfect match for numerous reasons.

Edge modules have a small footprint and are built offsite with all the necessary infrastructure, so they’re ready to go on day one. Because they are self-contained, they are protected from the weather and environment. This makes them ideal to deploy in difficult locations or far from the core data center. The systems are tested and certified for operation and can be deployed in as little as a few months – and they cost 20-30 percent less to build than a standard data center.

Phil’s piece also touches on the ease of deployment as well as the cooling and power benefits.

To read Phil’s entire piece, please visit Data Center Dynamics.

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