The Modular Data Center

Facility Executive recently published Phil Rafferty’s article about how modular data centers enable organizations to effectively meet their data center needs of today and tomorrow – without overbuilding, overspending, or compromising future performance.

Upfront investment to build a new data center is high, and it takes 18 to 24 months to see return on that investment. Because of that long lead time, most data center are overbuilt for physical size and infrastructure capacity in anticipation of future needs. Meaning that resources have been devoted and money spent on equipment and space that sits idle in the short term.

With standardized components, modular data centers cost 20-30% less to build than a standard center, and are built at just the right size for today’s needs. In addition to saving on upfront capital expenditures, they are designed for lower operating costs per rack. All while meeting all the basic needs for your data center.

Learn more about the benefits of modular data centers and read Phil’s full piece at Facility Executive.

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