Data Center Network Cabling and Communications

CablingToday, a company’s voice and data networks are the conduits by which transactions are completed, decisions made, strategies enacted and records kept. Such mission-critical voice and data systems must be professionally installed, upgraded and protected.

Data Specialties Inc. appreciates how important voice/data cabling is and secures ongoing training and certification in the latest equipment and installation methods provided by our partners and vendors.

Data Specialties Inc. inspect and test our installations in accordance with industry codes and manufacturers’ guidelines. And we label the full installation and provide clear and complete documentation to our clients’ IT managers. These measures ensure that our clients can move, add, change and troubleshoot cabling in the future.

Here are 3 questions our clients have about network cabling:

1. How do I design my cabling infrastructure for reduced footprint and minimize impact to airflow?
2. What is the best design approach for high-density critical equipment?
3. How do I scale and adapt to my future IT infrastructure while minimizing required service times?

Data Center Network Cabling and Communications Services:
o Wireless
o Copper cabling
o Fiber
o Racks
o Cable trays
o EIA/TIA Standards
o Redundant network and carrier diversity
o Carriers/ISP’s

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