Q&A With Ying Vang on Opening DSI’s New Services Sales Department!

Q: What is Services Sales?

A: A service plan is like a health plan, but for the data center. It has different levels of coverage depending on the customer’s preference. Whether it’s a comprehensive package, or just routine health checkups, it will ensure your data center is always up to operational standards. This helps prolong the life and use of the data center just like the human body.

Q: Why is servicing your data center important?

A: Service Sales is valuable set of solutions put in place to provide satisfaction to a need that comes with a small fee. Whether things are made with top quality materials or not, in time, it will deteriorate or break. Routine maintenance is required to prolong the life or usage of the equipment.

Q: You were hired to develop service sales at DSI, what do you plan on doing to accomplish this? Do you have any major goals?

A:  My answer goes back to my bio statement. It will start with laying the foundation and by developing a strong pipeline of new customers and projects through direct or indirect customer contact and prospecting; while identifying and assisting with developing strategic relationships with partners and potential customers. We have over 22+ years of install base clients in our database so we start there. One of my major goal will be to expand our service sales department nationwide.

Q: How do you like working for DSI so far? Describe the work environment.

A:  I adore it here! It’s a pleasing and professional place filled with talented people.  

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