Data Center Pre-Construction Services

Data_Center_PreconstructionData Specialties Inc. has found that proactive involvement during the pre-construction phase has the greatest potential influence on a project’s final outcome. At the core of our pre-construction service, approach is the belief that your project will benefit from our years of experience.

Data Specialties Inc. has had the opportunity to learn from every project we’ve been involved in over the past 23 years, and we are committed to working with you and your team to leverage the full benefit of our expertise. During pre-construction, our goal is not limited simply to defining project parameters such as cost and schedule, but also offering valuable conceptual design assistance with our experienced engineering staff.

While this is an important step for every project of even greater importance is our ability to help identify and actively plan for construction issues that may place the budget and schedule objectives at risk. Therefore, we believe it is important that we establish ourselves as an integral part of your team very early in the process.”

Here are 3 reasons why our clients use data center pre-construction services:

1. Providing the assessments and recommendations necessary to make timely, informed and data-driven business decisions.
2. Helping to manage the overall process by tracking details and holding team members accountable
3. Better serving the interests of the project through relevant suggestions and hands-on partnership with owners, designers and construction teams.

Data Center Pre-Construction Services:
o Code agency coordination
o Conceptual planning
o Constructability analysis
o Cost modeling
o Design management
o Estimating
o Equipment procurement
o Sustainable design analysis and enrollment
o Market value analysis
o Schedule development
o Site logistics and planning
o Site assessment
o Subcontractor pre-qualification
o Multiple bid package planning

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