Data Center Assessment

Excellent RatingYou have questions, and we have answers. Data Specialties Inc. provides a full line of data center assessment services that give you control over your data center facilities. Our team of data center professionals has the experience and expertise to identify issues and risks related to your operation. We can also point out all of the things you and your team are doing right.

Our consultative approach provides answers relative to risk, capacity, reliability, and efficiency. Our methodology starts with an understanding of how IT supports the business, and translates those requirements into the load and reliability needs of the data center.

The results of our assessments get translated into the language of business: Capital Expense (CAPEX) and Operating Expense (OPEX). Our financial analysis allows for better financial decisions making and ensures a comfortable move forward.

Here are 3 reasons our clients use our assessment services:
1. Deep-domain expertise in all of the systems that comprise the modern data center.
2. We provide value day one and year ten through energy efficiency: it’s our corporate responsibility.
3. Our budgets are based on timely market data and accuracy that comes from over twenty years experience inside mission critical facilities.

Data Center Assessment Services:
o Airflow analysis
o Arc flash and coordination study
o Single points of failure analysis
o Best practice review
o Budgeting
o Capacity planning
o Colocation vs. construction
o Energy analysis
o Financial analysis – TCO and ROI analysis
o Site selection
o Real estate due diligence
o Utility incentives
o Workshops

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