Is Your Organization Due for a Data Center Upgrade?

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It is 2014, are you still running Windows 3.0 on a Pentium 486? No? What about your data center? With the recent advances in technology is it time to upgrade your data center? Are you getting notices from manufacturers that they will no longer support your equipment?

Upgrading now is the financially responsible way to go. It can cost up to four times more to recover from a “data center disaster” last minute, than it can to do a planned upgrade. There are many gains to upgrading your data center: efficiency, heat density, redundancy and control being some of the top benefits.

We constantly upgrade laptops, desktops, terminals and the software needed for our employees, so why wait to upgrade our data center, the very lifeline to our business.
Here are the 7 steps to a data center upgrade:

1. Assessment: Identify deficiencies & determine the requirements.
2. Schematic Design: Review load requirements, evaluate technologies & systems options (modularity, redundancy, efficiency).
3. Design Development: Develop design concept, review and develop project budgets.
4. Construction Documents: Finalize designs & develop construction drawings and specifications.
5. Construction and Implementation: Execute the plan, develop method of procedures for existing facilities.
6. Commissioning: Perform integrated systems testing.
7. Project Closeout: Client training and operations manuals.

If you have a data center that needs upgrading, share your photos with us on Twitter or Facebook #DSIUPGRADE.

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