Happy New Year 2013 from Data Specialties Inc.

T’was the day after Christmas and all through the office, the workers were quiet, trying to maximize profits. The holiday had past and gifts were all gone, family went home, nay play a Christmas song. Yet the dedicated were back, busy in the field, trying to close the last accounts in hopes of a higher year-end yield.  The New Year is close, it’s just around the corner…time to shift gears and focus, get those priorities in order.  Here’s to looking ahead and starting ‘13 off with a boom, …keep DSI in mind to design-build your data center room!

–  Steve Borley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

This year social media was a buzz with change, advancements, and growth.  We at DSI appreciate all you keepers of information, information sharers, and those of you that follow our own online community.  In the new year we look forward to keeping you posted and informed of not only our company events and happenings, but industry wide information as well.

Happy New Year!  From Data Specialties Inc.

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