DSI sets up in St. Louis

St. Louis - DSI's newest neighborhood

Data Specialties, Inc., a nationwide data center design-build firm, proudly announces the opening of a new branch office located in St. Louis, MO. As a primary data center market, DSI found St. Louis to be optimal due to its central US location, reasonable electricity, easy access to available fiber optics and bustling data center popularity. Over 10 Fortune 500 companies and 5 of the top 10 North American data centers are also located here, making the choice for DSI to establish an office that much easier and allowing DSI to establish an even greater presence in the data center design-build industry. With nearly 13 colocation centers and numerous corporate data centers in St. Louis, DSI looks to build upon current relations and future expansions into its new territory. Stay tuned for more details of our newest location and staff members in the coming weeks!

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