Data Specialties Inc. Helps IBM Save Energy

IBM’s Silicon Valley Labs campus in San Jose, Ca.

Despite being just a mid-sized data center design-build firm, Data Specialties Inc. is very good at being able to play with the “big boys”. Larger corporations trust what DSI can do and hire us to take care of important needs within their data center platform. Such was the case with a recent project that Data Specialties helped IBM with. IBM was tasked with the need to reduce energy use and costs at their Silicon Valley Labs server room in San Jose, Ca. Installing a cold aisle containment process was the solution in this particular project and IBM utilized the collaborated services of Fluor and Data Specialties Inc. to perform the installation of a Polargy cold aisle containment system.

IBM’s Silicon Valley Labs (formerly known as Santa Teresa) is nestled in the country side just south of the foot hills at the north end of the Coyote Valley in south San Jose; it employs 1,300 people, and is where much of the software for IBM systems is developed. IBM’s invention of the hard drive first happened at the Silicon Valley Labs in 1952. The new cold aisle containment system has been in place for 6 weeks. Lynn Guest, IBM’s Energy Coordinator for the San Jose site has been monitoring the energy usage before and after the installation. She has indicated that this single cold aisle containment system will produce a total energy savings of 146 kilowatt hours or $11,000 per year. This will produce a payback of the cost of the system in about 3.2 years.*

Read the official press release here. press release.

Like all projects that DSI is a part of, this will not only add value to the end-user’s (IBM) ROI, but also minimize environmental impact of the data center for years to come, creating a benefit scale that is two fold. To read more about DSI’s corporate responsibility to environmental impact, click here. For more information on IBM’s commitment to conserve more energy click here.

* information compiled from internal IBM correspondence.

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