Data Specialties’ Tips to Keep Your Data Center Cool in The Summertime

It’s 100 degrees outside, how hot is it in your data center? With summer months bringing increased temperatures, data centers will require increased cooling. Here are some of DSI’s tips to keeping your data center cool in the summer:

1. Optimize CRAC units – Optimizing computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units to increase operating efficiency is one way to reduce data center costs. While most data centers have a fair amount of CRAC units, the number of units can be halved when adjustments or upgrades to ensure efficiency are made, saving cost and reducing power consumption, resulting in a more resilient facility.

2. Utilize fresh air and evaporative cooling – Replacing outdated cooling technologies can dramatically reduce facility cooling costs by up to 90%. The most compelling technology seen lately is the fresh air evaporative cooling which combines external air with mechanically generated hot air to create the right temperature. Read more here…

3. Upgrade chipsets – Advancement in chipsets are bringing about reduced cooling costs through the monitoring and measurement of inlet and outlet temperature taking place at the core.

4. Upgrade servers – Making sure your facility is run on the most up to date modernized server can cut energy costs as the modern servers are able to run at higher temperatures.

5. Have in place a good data center housekeeping/maintenance program – Maximizing cooling efficiency requires regular maintenance and interior monitoring. Keep all white space (areas under raised flooring, open space, walkways) and equipment (server racks, a/c units, etc.) clean of all dust, clutter, and debris as all equipment functions best when not dirty. Read more…

Data Specialties Inc., offers an excellent data center monthly maintenance program in which we can monitor and manage the day-to-day physical operations of your data center. Whether it’s load balancing, making sure your UPS batteries are still functioning properly, preserving the integrity of your cooling system, or simply making sure your data center stays clean and well-maintained, DSI will provide a single point of contact for the service and maintenance of your facility. We provide comprehensive reporting and record-keeping and insist that your organization has a specific DSI representative that they can turn to at any time, to address any data center design questions or concerns. Read more about our data center maintenance program here…

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