Data Specialties Inc. promotes corporate and environmental responsibility

Data Specialties Inc., (DSI), believes that every company should stand upon the foundations of its core beliefs at all times. As a local Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego data center design and build firm, DSI pays close attention to the environmental and community issues that take place in both the Southern California region as well as on a nation-wide platform. In our current Corporate Responsibility Statement, Data Specialties co-founder and President Phil Rafferty explains that “We value and deliver upon the obligations we have towards our people, customers, suppliers, peers, and the community as a whole.” As a result, DSI focuses on making environmentally and socially sound decisions in designing and building data centers and makes a strong point to educate our clients to adopt the same mindset in operating their data centers once complete. Additionally, Data Specialties uses building materials and equipment with the longest life spans that can also be reused, recycled or disposed of safely once they are no longer serviceable when building our energy-efficient data centers. But, our globally conscious beliefs and practices don’t stop there – we also take the time to support our local and extended communities. As a company, we volunteer time and contribute to charitable and non-profit programs and organizations with missions that echo our values. To read more about our core values click here for our Corporate Responsibilities Statement.

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