Easy Efficiency

One of the most frequently discussed aspects of the modern Data Center is energy efficiency. While many people are working on technologies and design innovations in order to insure that your Data Center is as efficient as it should be, it doesn’t always require a complete re-build or substantial  renovation in order to take advantage of new ideas in the area of efficiency. One of the easiest ways to improve your Data Center environment, and to potentially save your enterprise a substantial amount in energy costs, is to implement an aisle containment system.

There are a couple of different ways of implementing containment systems. The most frequently utilized are Hot Aisle Containment and Cold Aisle Containment. Each has its advantages and the optimum solution depends on the physical characteristics of your current facility and the nature of the equipment you are protecting. The important thing for people to remember is that containment is simply a way to make sure that you are cooling as little air as is necessary to protect your equipment. Due to the expense, and environmental impact of cooling air, containment has become an essential element of the efficient Data Center.

At DSI we work with a host of different vendors in the containment arena in order to insure that your cooling costs are as low as they should be. Our experience and partnerships in this area allow us to take your initial inquiry and provide you with a basic cost estimate and site design after only a single visit to your facility. If you’ve been considering a containment effort, get in touch with us today and let us have our engineers put together a solution for you.

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