Data Center Security

Data_Center_SecurityA company’s data center  is the lifeblood of its operations. Data Specialties Inc. recognizes that the information stored and continuously passing through the data center represents our clients’ most valuable commodity.

Our data center security systems help protect the data from intrusion or theft. Data Specialties Inc. incorporates proven and reliable structural components into our clients’ data centers. The benefits of our designs and the reliability of our security and fire protection systems depend on quick human responses.

Here are 3 questions our clients have about protecting their data center and the security required for their data center:

  1. Do I need the latest security equipment, like retina scanners and fingerprint readers?
  2. Within a high-traffic colocation environment, what is the best way to protect my clients from one another?
  3. What is the right amount of data to retain on our system?

Data Center Security Services:

o   Alarm
o   Biometrics
o   Card access
o   Entry control
o   Glass break
o   Monitoring
o   Motion detection

Data Center Fire Safety

Data Center Fire SafetyAn integral component of any data center design accounts for the geographic risks
 a site may pose. These can be seismic or weather related. One of the highest risks, however, is common to every data center: fire.

Given the heat, equipment and electrical systems concentrated within each center, the possibility of a fire is a constant concern. Data Specialties Inc. makes smoke detection and fire suppression a priority in its data center designs.

As with most of the elements of today’s data centers, fire detection and suppression technology is constantly being improved. Data Specialties Inc. stays abreast of the developments and incorporates the latest and most appropriate systems into our clients’ facilities.

Here are 3 questions our clients have about data center fire safety :

1. Does my insurance carrier have any control over which suppression system I use?
2. I have an older Halon system – do I need to change it out?
3. How do current OSHA regulations affect my data center project and subsequent operations and maintenance plan?

Services for Data Center Fire Safety:
o Clean agent systems
o Fire detection
o Fire suppression
o Early warning systems
o Pre-action sprinkler
o Hydrogen and gas detection
o OSHA requirements and safety training