Large TI Project for the Homeless

Southern CA


  • The site of the new shelter was an existing office building, with lots of space to develop not only living areas, but essential services such as medical and dental.
  • The new facility will provide approximately 150 beds for some of the most vulnerable population of our society, the homeless.
  • These new accommodations will not only house the homeless, but will accommodate the disabled, will provide “couples accommodations” and will provide lockable storage containers that will keep belongings safe.
  • Data Specialties Inc. provided the expertise required to perform the unique and detailed Tenant Improvement in a timely fashion and within budget.

When Data Specialties Inc. was asked to assist a specialty General Contractor with a Tenant Improvement project for the homeless, DSI stepped up to the plate. The project had an extremely tight budget and completion date (45 days!). DSI was there to Make IT Happen.


DSI was asked to assist in converting an existing space, formerly a building that housed an engineering company, into a place for the homeless that is designed to help the new inhabitants feel comfortable in their new environment, to gain confidence in themselves, and to feel encouraged to strive for more than their current situation (homeless).

The project, not our typical installation, required DSI’s expertise in electrical systems.


  • Demolish the existing electrical installation
  • Installation of new electrical switchgear
  • Completely rewire the entire building in anticipation of providing services to the homeless, including doctor offices, dental services as well as a separate section for rehab services.