maintenance_001At Data Specialties Inc., our work doesn’t end after we have designed and built your data center. Our facilities are designed to provide years of uninterrupted operations for the applications that our customers deem mission critical. Once a data center construction is finished, DSI provides preventive maintenance, through a long-term service agreement, to provide the support needed to insure a fully operational facility at all times. As the designer, and builder of your facility, we have a precise understanding of your needs and how to make sure they are met.

maintenance_002DSI also provides periodic assessment and reporting of your data center’s operations to insure that no problems develop over time that could threaten the reliability of your facility. Depending upon the specific concerns that your enterprise has, we can tailor a maintenance package that provides the greatest assurance possible that you will not have unexpected events impacting your operations. Whether DSI built your facility or not, no company has more experience preserving the reliability of your data center than DSI. We have partnerships with all of the leading data center equipment vendors and we can work with them, your facilities team, and with you, to design a long-term approach with an eye on preserving your equipment so as to insure that you receive full value for your data center investment.

maintenance_003More than anything else, DSI looks to assume responsibility for the day-to-day physical well-being of your data center. Whether it’s load balancing, making sure your UPS batteries are still functioning properly, preserving the integrity of your cooling system, or simply making sure your data center stays clean and well-managed, DSI will work with you to provide a single point of contact for the service and maintenance of your facility. We provide comprehensive reporting and record-keeping and insist that your organization has a specific DSI representative that they can turn to at any time, to address any data center design questions or concerns.