Often overshadowed by the main components (electrical/mechanical) within a data center space, the selected and the flow design is often overlooked.  Data Specialties Inc. is well aware that the space selected may affect the initial capital costs, workflow and flexibility to expand without affecting the critical load at a later date. The data center space needs to allow for the functional requirements and allow for ease of operation, in addition, it needs to be flexible to adapt to the ever-changing data center market.

DSI prides itself on the focused approach taken when creating a modular scalable, yet flexible space that will fulfill your business needs.  White-Space with key support area’s such as staging, storage, loading areas, conference areas, support offices, security rooms, NOC’s etc., are all considered while adhering to the most up-to-date ADA requirements.


  • Raised Assess flooring
  • Building shell
  • Geographical consideration; flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc.
  • Modular Architectures
  • Space Planning
  • Structural considerations
  • Ext/Int. Security issues
  • Work area, Utility Planning
  • Meet me rooms

When planning a data center build, as a rule of thumb, one should plan to allow a 1000/400 ration i.e. for every 1000 sq. ft. of usable white-space.  With that, 400 sq. ft. of support-space should be planned for as well.  Please keep in mind, this is just a rule of thumb, different designs may vary and the numbers are quoted with no redundant space.

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