Relocation / Consolidation

DSI provides, advises and creates plans/schedules for data center relocation or consolidation projects.  Fully understanding the complexities of such a task, even if we are not the original builders of your data center, our in-depth knowledge and our network of national partners are fully qualified to successfully accomplish such a delicate task.  When downsizing or combining locations DSI will create a fully plan of implementation and operation, setting key milestone dates and tasks and creating a sense of security for even the most nervous of clients.  DSI takes into account all aspects from architectural, electrical, mechanical, communications and fire and life safety needs.  We even work with server vendors to move and transport sensitive and delicate pieces of equipment, not ignoring any manufacturer’s warranty issues.  Once a data center relocation or consolidation is complete, DSI heads an exhaustive testing program, promptly returning the data center to normal operation.

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