Electrical and Communications Systems

Data Specialties Inc. provides full electrical and low voltage communications services, licensed in multiple states, DSI matured via the route of being an electrical contractor, now, fully versed, as a mature data center design/build contractor with over 23 years of experience. DSI employs electricians who are industry experts in the installation of Emergency Stand-by Generators. Multi/Single module UPS/Battery Systems, diverse path electrical distribution systems, complete control wiring and grounding systems.

As our national footprint continues to grow, so does our low voltage offering. DSI has invested heavily in providing factory training to our technicians who now hold multiple certifications allowing us to design and install the most complex of fiber optic and copper network cabling installations. Along with installations, our skilled staff is all qualified to thoroughly test the installed network cabling.

Post installation, we encourage our clients to implement Method of Procedures (MOP’s) to track moves, adds, and changes; constantly updating records to reflect the actual wiring and avoid duplications and the creation of a wiring nightmare, that could affect other areas of the data center operation such as air flow etc.

“Data Specialties Inc. is a leading installer of electrical systems and voice/data communications network cabling for data centers, offices and campus environments.”