Data Center Commissioning

Data Specialties Inc. understands the critical nature of commissioning post construction; checking the full operation of a facility pre-critical load, in depth testing, record keeping and documenting the full operations, testing of induced faults and ensuring a seamless function of all components. DSI offers, in fact, encourage, witness testing. Part of our extensive data center commissioning program is that we are teaching our client why certain operations are key to being comfortable with and to create a confidence with full operation.

Our technicians, electricians, mechanical engineers and commissioning supervisors, pride themselves on completing full, extensive and comprehensive checks.

A complete record of the commissioning and testing procedure is provided upon completion and pre operation.

Should a client wish to employee a third party to commission the facility we have built, we are only too happy to assist in the process. We openly invite this, as we are proud of the data centers we build.

“Data Specialties Inc. designs and builds data centers to keep your business thriving.”