Cooling is a component that is equally important as it relates to its electrical counterpart.  Both systems have to work in harmony for a data center to function correctly. Servers continue to increase in heat output, placing continual stress on the mechanical systems with advent of the blade server, densities per cabinet have soared, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.  To accommodate this pattern shift, mechanical systems need to be designed on a modular, scalable, flexible, and reliable basis, allowing data center user’s to deploy high-density systems with ease and confidence, not affecting the critical load.

Upfront design is key. Data Specialties Inc. prides itself on the continual training of its technical staff, allowing us to incorporate the latest high-efficiency power cooling systems.  Selecting the right electrical/mechanical system is key in obtaining a lower PUE and critical when considering a facility that may require LEED certification.

Typical System design considerations:

  • CRAC Unit- both DX, Glycol, Water Cooled systems
  • IRC: In-Row air conditioning
  • Outside air economizer
  • Rear door heat exchangers
  • Variable speed drives
  • Local management sensors
  • Containment
  • Hot/Cold aisle topologies
  • Auto-mated control systems

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