IBM Collaborations

A regional bank rapidly deployed a scalable data center solution that could support growing demands

Growing at a significant rate over the past several years, a regional bank was challenged to control the costs of maintaining its legacy data center while providing IT capacity to meet the growing demands of its business. The bank wanted to build a data center that could accommodate future growth. It also needed to deploy the solution in a short timeframe.

After evaluating data center solutions of multiple vendors, the bank engaged IBM and DSI. Using our data center design and build experience, a team of IBM and DSI responded quickly and designed a cost-effective and modular solution that could be scaled nondisruptively. The turnkey project, including the design and physical build-out of the facility as well as the deployment of power, cooling and backup systems, was completed in less than three months. The solution’s modularity allowed the bank to add or remove components as needs evolved.

A financial services provider helped build capacity in phases using a robust data center strategy

A major insurance and financial services provider needed to map out a data center strategy that would help the company to develop an overall data center design. The objective was to meet the needs of the business over the next 10 to 15 years while also being able to deploy the data center infrastructure in multiple stages. The company engaged IBM and DSI for the strategy and design services.

The combined team of IBM and DSI helped define the client’s operational, capacity and resiliency criteria and provided a robust data center strategy. Because the design took into consideration the need for a modular approach to building out the overall capacity of the data center, the company was able to deploy the first phase of the project with the capacity that was needed for the first two years. When the company was ready for the next phase of the project, the IBM and DSI team developed a design that helped to more seamlessly deploy the power, cooling and upgrade of the physical data center.

The design developed in the first phase of the project provided the roadmap for this next phase. Because of the successful deployment of the first phase, many of the same providers of the data center components were also engaged. They used their existing knowledge of the client, its requirements and the overall design of the solution to help facilitate a faster deployment of the second phase of the data center

 A health insurer helped optimize the use of limited floor space and deployed a fully functional data center

A major insurance company in Hawaii had been experiencing rapid increase in the use of IT to support its business. With a patchwork of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, it had no generator to support the data center in the event of a prolonged power outage. The business needed to increase its data center availability to help meet service-level agreements (SLAs) and regulatory requirements. However, it had very limited physical space to house the infrastructure and facility for backup power, including generators and redundant power supply system.

IBM and DSI together designed and engineered an innovative solution that optimized the use of the existing space. The team built a frame around the existing single-story structure that essentially became the second floor of the building, and housed the power systems on it. The outer frame was concealed so that it looked like part of the building. The team provided modular containers to house the UPS equipment in two self-contained enclosures. Using our experience and expertise, the team deployed the portable modular data center, generators and UPS systems with reduced disruption to the client’s ongoing operations. The solution met the client’s requirements while complying with the stringent city building codes

More flexible, cost-effective solutions

IBM Scalable Modular Data Center: A turnkey design and build service using a standard, building block approach to data center space, power and cooling. Rapid deployment in 8 to 12 weeks after design is finalized.

  • Up to 25 percent less capital costs
  • Fifteen percent or more reduction in total operational costs
  • Scalable and flexible, with “pay-as-you-grow” options

IBM Portable Modular Data Center: A full-function data center with complete physical infrastructure, including power, cooling and remote monitoring. Rapid deployment typically in 12 to 14 weeks after design is finalized.

  • Easier expansion of existing capability in remote or temporary environments
  • More rapid deployment of a complete turnkey solution in virtually any global location
  • Available with DSI components

IBM High Density Zone: Provides a high-density environment, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), racks, power distribution units and software, without impact to existing data centers.

  • More rapid deployment of high-density hardware in existing data centers
  • Thirty-five percent lower cost than a site retrofit
  • Live engineering support